Core Staff

About The Founders:

Prattville was founded in 1967 by Giuseppi Spinali and John Russo and joined in 1968 by Mario Russo. As immigrants from Augusta, Sicily, they brought with them a sense of craftsmanship and a work ethic that is still with us today. These same values have been passed down to our second generation.






Current Staff:

Vinny Spinali
General Manager


Vinny joined Prattville in 1989 after receiving a BS in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University(class of ’85).
He took on the responsibility to modernize
and automate our equipment and facility.
You don’t have to look much further than our FMS pallet lines to see Vinny’s vision to have the most state of the art machinery and software available.


Al Spinali
Operations / Production Manager


Al Spinali has been working at Prattville since the age of 13. He spent 13 years on the manufacturing floor doing setups, operating CNC milling machines and doing some CNC programming. From there he took over the role of Quality Manager and spent the next 8 years guiding Prattville’s QMS system which culminated in Prattville achieving ISO 9001 certification in June of 2004. He is now the Operations/Production Manager and is the contact point when checking on your orders.


Joe Urrata
CNC Mill Manager


Joe manages the CNC Milling department including all 3 FMS pallet systems.  He also oversees the night shift. Joe has been working for Prattville since age 16. Forty years later he continues to be one of the biggest reasons for our continued success.  He has personally been involved with our most difficult projects over the years.  He has been a mentor to countless employees.  The more difficult the challenge, the more determined he becomes to see it through.   Joe has always been about family and friends first, with work a close second.


Sandro Russo
CNC Lathe Manager


Sandro has been working at Prattville since the age of 11.   After receiving his Master’s Degree in Engineering he returned to Prattville to work alongside his father Mario Russo.  Sandro is currently a member of the management and engineering teams at Prattville in addition to his role as supervisor of the Lathe and 5 Axis Mill/Turn departments.  He is also playing an active role in outreach programs with  trade schools  and the development of co-op programs.  In his spare time, Sandro enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer and hosting friends and family.


Tom Fannon
Lead Manufacturing Engineer


Tom joined the Prattville team in 2005. With a BS degree in Manufacturing Engineering and over 17 years in manufacturing, Tom brings well rounded technical experience to Prattville. He oversees a department with two additional manufacturing engineers.  Tom is also the lead programmer for the milling department, handling the Cad/Cam, fixture design, and process improvement.


Steve Evans
Quality Manager


Steve has been with Prattville since 2005. With nearly forty years of experience in the contract manufacturing field, he has an extensive background in manufacturing, precision metrology, and quality control. He has served a wide variety of customers including the aircraft engine, aerospace, defense, medical, and semi-conductor industries. His knowledge of conventional and automated measuring systems helps to ensure that Prattville always has the ability to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Veronica Russo
Purchasing Manager


Duties include raw materials inventory control as well as purchasing of raw materials and hardware for incoming jobs. Also, controlling of JIT product lines, ie: starting new jobs as required by customer demands. Responsible for maintaining finished goods inventory.



Cynthia Victor
Administrative Services Manager


Cynthia Victor began her tenure at Prattville back in 1988, as an accounting assistant on a six week temporary assignment. This many years later she oversees all administrative and accounting functions for the company.

With the help of her two member team, she manages all internal accounting functions, as well as carrying out most purchasing for the company, with the exclusion of raw material and sub-contracted production services. Cynthia is also responsible for contracting and overseeing all administrative services and functions, from business insurance, IT, phone, data and security services to liaising with our PEO contractor to implement and perform all HR related functions. And she does all of this remotely from her home in Cape Coral, FL.

Cynthia continues to be an integral part of our management team, and is always a good first contact if you are unsure about who you need to speak with when contacting Prattville.