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About The Founders:
Prattville was founded in 1967 by Giuseppi Spinali and John Russo and joined in 1968 by Mario Russo. As immigrants from Augusta, Sicily they brought with them a sence of craftsmanship and a work ethic that is still with us today. These same values have been passed down to our second generation.

Vinny Spinali

General Manager
Vinny joined Prattville in 1989 after receiving a BS in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University(class of ’85). He took on the responsibility to modernize and automate our equipment and facility. You don’t have to look much further than our FMS pallet lines to see Vinny’s vision to have the most state of the art machinery and software available.

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Robert C.Ashworth

Bob Ashworth, Outside Sales


Bob Ashworth is responsible for new business development. Bob has more than 25 years experience in precision machining, from hands on as a machinist beginning in 1979, to President & CEO of his own shop until 2003, when he joined forces with Prattville.

Call or email Bob to discuss your most detailed machining requirements.